Under de Pannen


FarmYou can find the farm "Under De Pannen" in the middle of the typically  'Fries' village Oudwoude, near Dokkum. The farm consists of a large barn with a  thatched roof, a living area and several annexes. It was built around 1900, and  includes a meadow, which is one hectare in size. A beautiful surrounding garden  with lots of green is complementing the picture.

Oudwoude has 600  inhabitants and lies just in the transition between open fields and the 'Fries'  woods, and is nearby the "trekvaart" and "de zwemmer". Also, there are a lot of  opportunities for water recreation. There are great cycling routes in the wide  surroundings of Oudwoude. Places like Dokkum, where Bonifatius was killed,  Veenklooster, well-known of it's castle and flax museum, Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen,  with it's capillary sluices and the national park "het Lauwersmeer" are easily  reachable by bike, as they are only 12 km. away. Oudwoude has a beautiful  village center with among other things a late Gothic church. In the surroundings  you will find a wide variety of good and typically 'Fries' eating places, for  example: "de Pater" in Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen, "De Roskam" in Kollum,  "Lauwerskand" halfway Oudwoude and Kollum and "de Koriander" in Bergum.